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  1. WinHack
    - health still drop when being hit but you won't die.
    - health will stop decreasing when it reaches the "min health block" threshold specified.
    - most, if not all, script-kill should be covered. still need testing though...
    - beware of the continuous-damage though (e.g., poison, on-fire, etc.), they may kill you if you set the min health block too low (depends on your level). don't set it smaller than 0.5 block of health and you should be fine.

    ignore adrenaline
    - allows you to use Overpower Attack any time, regardless of how much adrenaline (both blue and yellow bar) you have.

    instant charged heavy attack
    - works on all melee weapons, including "unarmed".

    instant bow charge
    - works on both Hunter Bow and Warrior Bow.
    - may works on Enemies when they use these 2 types of bows as well, not tested.

    rate of fire mod
    - works on Light Bow.
    - when activated, it forces the game to use the specified custom rate of fire. the smaller the value the faster.
    - setting custom rate of fire to zero would use the standard rate of fire the game use (slower).
    - by default, the custom rate of fire is 0.001 (level 4 Rate of Fire of a Light Bow is 0.55).
    - if you want set the custom rate of fire real fast (like the script default 0.001), you should activate light bow arrow "clip" mod together so that you can shoot longer.

    light bow arrow "clip" mod
    - allows you to force set the arrows you draw when using Light Bow.
    - best use together with inf. ammo script if the # of arrows to fetch per each draw you set is bigger than your quaver.

    ignore curse health-penalty
    - when activated, cursed weapon's health-penalty would be removed.

    ignore $
    - you can buy/upgrade anything with zero $.
    - $ still drop until it reaches zero when you use it.
    - DOESN'T affect "Refill", you can't Refill ammo without enough $. (probably just need to flip another flag, as the concept is just the same, feel free to trace the flag-flipping code yourself...)

    ignore ability points
    - allows you to learn any ability with 0 ability points.
    - ability points still decrease upon learning abilities until it reaches zero.
    - re-access "Abilities" menu to populate the 2 pointers. obtained ability points - spent ability points = current abiliy points

    ignore resources
    - allows you to craft anything in the Gear Menu without any resources.
    - resources used still decrease upon crafting until they reach zero.

    easy chariot race
    - player has infinite usage of boost.
    - non-player can't use boost at all, meaning they will be much slower with this script activated.

    sync equipments level / reset outfit quantities ***REMOVED on patch 1.20***
    - when activated, hold Shift and CapsLock keys together and enter the Gear menu, and all the equipments' level would be sync with your current level, as long as they have a equipment level higher than 1, and the equipment level is not higher than your current level. could be useful if you have a lot of equipments on you, and you don't want to spend minutes to upgrade all of them every time.
    - note that if the equipment synced is equipped already, it'll be de-equip and you'll have to equip it again.
    - if somehow you have have 2 or more of the same outfit, you can use this script to reset them to 1, just hold Ctrl and CapsLock keys together and enter the Gear menu.

    inf. ammo
    - activate item quantity mod first.
    - all ammo still decrease when being used until they reach 1.
    - for Warrior Bows, you can still shoot multiple arrows when you have 1 arrow left.
    - for Light Bows, you can still fetch multiple arrows to shoot without re-fetching arrow for each shot when you have 1 arrow left.

    inf. all items
    - activate item quantity mod first.
    - all items, including ammos, weapons, resources, still decrease when being used/sell/dismantle/craft until they reach 1.
    - as the quantity stop decreasing at 1, it's not meant to be an "infinite crafting" script. check ignore resources if you want that.
    - also, not tested on the QUEST ITEMS, it may or may not break the game plot on handling QUEST ITEMS, so I don't recommend using this for gaming session, but for experiment only.

    exp gained multiplier
    - exp gained would be multiplied by the specified multiplier, which can be changed by editing the entry.
    - quest/explore gained exp shown would still be the original value upon receiving (big +number on the centre of the screen), but the actual gaining value shown (small +number on the top-right hand corner of the screen) would be the multiplied value.
    - exp multiplier default: x4, can be changed by editing the script, line 3.

    time of day mod
    - hold CapsLock and PageUp to rewind time.
    - hold CapsLock and PageDown to advance time.
    - time of day would advance normally without pressing any of the above keys.
    - the value of current time of day can be changed manually, just a normal 24 hours value.

    walk key
    - activate movement mod first.
    - when activated, hold CapsLock and move to walk.
    - by script default, the walking speed is 0.525 (while the game's default walking speed when using keyboard is 0.4), can be changed via the entry "walk speed".

    senu teleport
    - activate movement mod first.
    - when activated, call Senu, then hold CapsLock and create a CUSTOM waypoint (won't work if selecting an existing map icon or people) to teleport Bayek there immediately.
    - Map menu check is implemented, you won't be teleported accidentally by creating waypoint in the Map menu.
    - you can't teleport when Bayek is wet. if you've just get out of the water, wait a while until you're dry and try again.
    - it's possible Bayek would fall through walls if you choose to teleport to the other side of a wall (just don't teleport to a wall and you should be fine).
    - if you teleport when the aim DOT is ON Senu, you may be teleported to where Senu are and you'd drop from mid-air and result in desynchronise.

    - activate movement mod first.
    - when movement mod is activated, press numpad0 and numpad- to toggle no-clip.
    - when activated, use keyboard+mouse to fly around. using the walk key allows you to move slower.
    - may work with controller as well, report~
    - you may get hurt or even desynchronized if you deactivate no-clip in mid-air if you've fly for a long time already.
    - only deactivate the script when you're "landed" and you should be fine.
    - in short, use with caution.

    slow motion on bow aim
    - when activated, hold CapsLock during bow aiming would enter slow motion (using CE's Speedhack).
    - if it crash the game when you activate it, try to enable CE's Speedhack manually at the "Press Any Key" screen, because it's possible the game would crash if you enable CE's Speedhack in-game.

    weapon editor
    - for testing purpose only, BACKUP SAVES FIRST. and CRASH is expected if you edit a value that you're not supposed to touch.
    - as it's for testing purpose for now, it's separated from the main "enable" script.
    - when activated, equip the weapon (or re-equip if you're equipping that weapon already) you want to edit to populate the pointers.
    - you can't add new properties to the weapon, you can change the property itself or edit the modifiers of the existing properties.
    - the modifiers are property-dependent. e.g., if you changed the modifiers of the CURSE property to zero, all weapons that have the CURSE property would be benefit from the change.
    - if the pointer is GREY in colour, DO NOT edit them. they are for reference only.
    - if the "# of properties" of a weapon is 4, only edit the first 4 properties presented; "[property 5]" is actually the first property of another gear.
    - so far I've seen a maximum of 5 properties on a weapon, so I've only set up 6 "[property x]", if a weapon has more than 6 properties, examine the "[property x]" pointers and add more yourself.
    - the above 2 points also applicable for "[modifier x]" pointers.
    - for some modifiers have different values depends on the weapon's level (even though they are all the same most of the time). the "modifier" pointer would most likely be invalid. if it's the case, use the "[modifier x]" pointers instead.
    - if the modifier doesn't change depends on the weapon's level, "[modifier 2]" pointers would most likely be invalid, just use the "modifier" pointer instead.
    - [base property] probably holds the base damage info of the weapon.
    - the sub-properties start at [property 2].
    - to change a property it self:
    -- in every "[property x]", the first pointer would be "base", let say the weapon you're editing have only one sub-property "Level 1 Critical Hit Rate", navigate to "[property 2]", the value should looks something like this: "0x000000000DF9F0F8".
    -- to change it to "Level 2 Critical Hit Rate", add 0x18 to the value, it'd become something like this "0x000000000DF9F110". then exit the Gear menu and re-enter, the weapon order should be changed as its quality is upped, and you should see the weapon's sub-property should be changed to "Level 2 Critical Hit Rate" then.
    - to change the modifieres of a property, e.g. if the weapon has only one sub-property and it's "Level 2 Critical Hit Rate":
    -- its modifiers can be found in [property 2].
    -- [modifier 1] would holds the actual critical hit rate. if the weapon is Lv28, change the value of "level 28".
    -- [modifier 2] have a (float)1.7 as long as the property is "Critical Hit Rate", don't know what it affects. feel free to test it yourself~
    -- the changes would apply to all weapon that uses "Level 2 Critical Hit Rate".
    -- the changes doesn't visually change the "Level 2 Critical Hit Rate" icon, it would still have 2 bars on-screen. look above if you want to change the property itself.
    - it was fun to locate the structure, but I'm getting bored to refine the pointers. probably won't update them myself. still feel free to share your findings and I'll try to update the table later. or if you're familiar with lua script, feel free to build an editor with UI and I'll link to your post. here's the start of the properties retrieval loop (game v1.03): "ACOrigins.exe"+1B363F0

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