Have a good computer? It often is not the case? We will pay you for using your computer!
Our company has a cloud gaming service, and we do not have enough powerful servers! That's why we buy the time when your computer is turned on. Another person will connect to your computer and play on it until the time that the service bought from you expires! Nothing will happen to your computer, because it is i mpossible! A person can only run steam, origin, and uplay
More than 1$ per hour!
You will get the money wherever it is convenient for you - by Bank transfer or in cryptocurrency. You can earn more than 1$ per hour, depending on the characteristics of your PC
Responsive support
Our support staff is online around the clock and is always ready to help, explain monitor and much more. To do this, just contact us in telegram! In case of problems with your computer, support will break the connection and fix everything manually!
Telegram control
When your computer is
occupied by a person, you can control
the balance, the remaining time,
and make withdrawals every hour,
after charging hourly rent!

If you haven't used our program yet, it's time to download it!

the download will not take long